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Riga city tour (3h)
Riga - the capital of Latvia, medieval Hanseatic town, lies on the banks of the river Daugava. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic countries, having a population about 1 million people. Visitors will admire buildings of remarkable Gothic, Baroque, Classicism and Art Noveau architecture. In 2001 Riga celebrated its 800th anniversary. In 1997 the historic center of Riga was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today Riga is a mega pole offering its guests to experience the pleasures and sights of a modern European city. This is a venue for major international cultural events, business meetings, national festivals.
During the driving part of the tour you will enjoy the view of the Bastion Hill, the Powder Tower, the Latvian National Theatre, the Art Nouveau buildings, the Freedom Monument, a symbol of Latvia’s independence, the University of Latvia, the Opera House. Another part of tour - walking along the narrow streets of the Old Town, seeing the Dome Cathedral (13th century), St. Jacob’s Church, St. Peter’s Church, the Swedish Gates (17th century), the Parliament House, architectural ensemble “Three Brothers”, Riga’s Castle (1330), House of Blackheads, Ensemble of Great and Large Guilds (1400) and many other restored buildings, housing cozy restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir shops nowadays.
Open Air Ethnographic Museum (10 km from Riga)
One of the oldest open-air museums in Europe, founded in 1924. This museum consists of some 90 traditional rural buildings: farmsteads, churches, windmills, fishermen’s huts and other historic countryside houses moved here from four provinces of Latvia: Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Latgale and Zemgale. In summer time it is a perfect place for folk festivals and to relax.
Sigulda (5-6 h)
Sigulda town is located 50 km from Riga, at Gauja river valley, the most picturesque areas of Latvia – Gauja national park, often called “Switzerland of Latvia”. Not only nature but also the ancient Castles  are places to view. Visit at medieval Turaida Castle witch construction have been started in 1214 by the Order of the Sword. During the recent years Turaida Castle has been restored and gives us an imagination of beauty and power of historical buildings. Tour also includes visit at Guttmann’s Cave – a monument of nature, Sigulda town park and the ruins of the 13th century Crusaders` Castle and bobsleigh track-one of the biggest in Europe.
Cesis (90 km from Riga)
One of the nicest small towns in Latvia, the birthplace of the Latvian State Flag. In the early Middle Ages Cesis played an important role in the history of the Baltic region. From Cesis the German Order controlled most part of the region. Until the end of 15th century the town had the rights to mint it’s own coins. You will see Castle of Knight’s Order, soaring Gothic tower and St. John Church – the architectural monuments of  13th century. Cesis tour can be combined with Sigulda.
Rundale Palace (77 km South of Riga)
Rundale Palace, architectural pearl of Latvia’s baroque has been designed by B. F. Rastrelli, famous Italian architect who built a Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Palace in Rundale was built between 1736 and 1767 for one of the Dukes of Kurzeme. The building was badly damaged during the war, and is renovating step by step. Restored areas of the building show us some of its former glory. Treasures of this museum – the  collection of furniture, chinaware, silver, paintings and relicts of Duke’s family. The palace boasts of a beautiful French-style park.
Could be conveniently visited on the way to Vilnius.
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