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 Recommended restaurants in the Baltics
The restaurant exudes a romantic atmosphere with classic furniture, works of art and cut flowers. Set in the hotel‘s interior courtyard, with luxuriant creepers climbing to a vaulted glass roof, the Stikliai restaurant is one of the top tables in town blending the Lithuanian and French cuisine.
The Tavern
The old Stikliai Tavern is housed in the hotel‘s vaulted cellar, serves traditional Lithuanian and European food in an inviting, casual and relaxed atmosphere and offers a wide variety of tempting dishes. The Tavern provides a perfect meal for any season and is popular among the travelers and local residents. An extensive beverage list offers different sorts of fine Lithuanian beer and liqueur.
Address: Gaono str.7, 01131 Vilnius
Restairant Medininkai  located in Vilnius Old Town and has a privilege of 16th century courtyard offering it‘s guests a pleasure of lunching or dining outdoors in the pleasant atmosphere of summery ancient Vilnius. Restaurant Medininkai today follows the tradition of offering exceptional international cuisine, as well as a number of Lithuanian masterpieces, first-class service in surroundings of refined elegance and impeccable hospitality. The excellent cuisine together with a high class service will leave you a memorable experience. The restaurant possesses three halls to dine at, as well as Summer courtyard. 
Address: Aušros Vartų str 8, Vilnius, Lithuania
New cozy restaurant in Vilnius city center. This restaurant serves both Lithuanian traditional and Caucasus food.  Grill dishes: open fire grill inside sitting area of the restaurant. Good choice  of different kinds of wine and other drinks.
Address: Vilniaus st. 4, Vilnius, Lithuania
Modern restaurant with open kitchen and inside grill. Old Town location with nice view to  Vilnius Cathedral or Gediminas Tower. Capacity up to 120 pax. Grey’s menu represents European cuisine and offers familiar favorites as well as innovative new dishes.
Address: Pilies St. 2, Vilnius, Lithuania
Restaurant Lokys is the oldest restaurant in Vilnius. It’s serving Lithuanian dishes in the historic Old Town building since 1972. Restaurant is known for it’s meat dishes: venison, boar, quail, beaver. The cozy separate halls are filled with romance and nostalgia. And the patio opens during the warm season and runs until the first frosts.
Address: Stiklių str. 8, Vilnius, Lithuania
Belmontas Entertainment and Recreation Centre was established inside the French (Belmont) mill complex. Located in quiet city outskirts, on the picturesque banks of Vilnele river. There are fountains, canals, water-mills various halls.The majority of halls are for universal purposes. Their plan and equipment allow the organization of private parties, company or family celebrations, seminars and conferences. In total, there are 12 halls of various purpose and size (50 to 250 places) in Belmontas Entertainment and Recreation Centre, accommodating up to 1000 visitors. For huge public events it is possible to connect several halls. The restaurant serves traditional Lithuanian and European cuisine.
Address: Belmonto g.17, Vilnius, Lithuania
Bernelių užeiga
Restaurant chain is famous for traditional Lithuanian dishes and country style interior which brings you to your ancestor‘s wooden house with totally expressed national spirit. Restaurants promote and treasures Lithuanian folk habits and traditions. Bernelių Užeiga was certified by Culinary Heritage Foundation. The restaurants use experience in catering organization, authentic food preparation, which has been inherited during centuries and has a status of Culinary Heritage.
Address: M. Valančiaus str. 9, Kaunas (Old Town), Lithuania
Apvalaus Stalo Klubas
The stylish complex is located on the shore of Lake Galve, overlooking the original and spectacular 14th century Trakai Castle and features a hotel with saunas and  jacuzzi, pizzeria and a restaurant with English style library. Panoramic windows, spacious outdoor patio, landscape garden – all combine to create a haven of quiet natural beauty surrounded by the historic neighborhood. The beautiful restaurant features a variety of cuisine, from gourmet French menu to dishes highlighting Lithuanian national flavors. Apvalaus Stalo Klubas Pizzeria is a touch of Italy in Lithuania. Wide selection of Italian dishes as well as national Lithuanian dishes.
Address: Karaimų Str. 53A, Trakai, Lithuania
Traditional Karaims cuisine restaurant Kybynlar situated between the two lakes, offers a wide choice of typical Karaims dishes. Two cozy rooms of 50 seats decorated with specific Karaims ornaments and an open-air terrace of 150 seats welcome guests for a pleasant and original experience. Restaurant offer Karaims dishes made of different vegetables, meat (lamb, beef, veal), chicken, turkey and unique dishes from freshwater fish. One of the most famous, well-known dishes of Karaites is Kibinai – pastry with the lamb or beef filling, baked in the oven.
Address: Karaimu str. 29, 21104 Trakai, Lithuania
Anikės Teatras
Restaurant Anikės Teatras located in the center of Klaipėda, on the Theater square. French style restaurant with European cuisine. Have summer terrace on Theater square. 
Address: Sukilėlių str. 8/10, Klaipėda, Lithuania
Nidos seklyčia 
Nidos Seklyčia is located in the most beautiful place of Nida, on the shore of Curonian Lagoon, on the walking distance to magnificent Parnidis Dune. The Complex consists of two fishermen houses that are connected with a glassed gallery. The Retro style halls of the restaurant reminds of luxurious cosiness of antiquity while European and national cuisine. During the warm season about 60 guests can enjoy their meal outside the restaurant as well as a glass conference-restaurant hall.
Address: Lotmiškio str.1, Nida, Lithuania
Šeduvos malūnas
Šeduvos Windmill has a long history. It dates back to 1905, when the construction of the windmill started. During the years, fire, war building was almost lost but newer forgotten. It was place of attraction in Soviet period. Renovated in 2000.  There is a café serving Lithuanian and European cuisine. 
Address: Vytauto 89 a, Šeduva, Lithuania

Kaļķu Vārti
Kaļķu Vārti is a restaurant located in the historical and business centre of Old Town. It presents an opportunity to open the gate to a journey into the world of meals accompanied by the play of flavours and tastes of healthy and natural products revealing the mysteries of culinary traditions of various cultures. The menu is based on local products: treasures from Latvian forests and produce from local farmers and organic farms. 
Address: Kaļķu iela 11a, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia
The restaurant Rozengrals  is located in the centre of Old Riga on the Rozena Street. These premises were mentioned in the scripts in 1293 as the most ancient wine-vault and festival place of the Riga City Council! This medieval restaurant takes diners back to the year 1293, where they can experience authentic cuisine from centuries past. The menu is a fun mixture of food and history. 
Address: Rozena 1, Rīga, Latvia
Located in “The Blue Troops House” on the Town Hall square (Ratslaukums) Restaurant Salve is a place where different ethnic cuisines that were known in Riga got united under one menu which is called to satisfy tastes of inhabitants of the capital and its guests – all, who values quality and traditions, presented with knowledge of business, in an elegant city manner and sophisticated atmosphere.
Address: Ratslaukums 5, Riga, Latvia
Alaus Arsenals
Restaurant Aaus Arsenals (Beer Arsenal) is located in the Old Riga, near the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Latvia, on the quiet Arsenāla Street. Building, in which the restaurant is situated, has been built already in 1750. There was a first hotel in Riga – Hotel Petersburg. A restaurant Alaus Arsenals  was opened in 1997 and become the favorite of inhabitants of Riga and guests of the city, as brands of beer produced by the local brewers, as well as bottled beer of well-known European brands. Restaurant menu includes dishes having beer as an integral part of their recipes. Latvian cuisine. 
Address: Pils laukums 4, Riga, Latvia

Olde Hansa
Medieval restaurant Olde Hansa, located in Tallinn’s Old Town was established to honour the Hanseatic League, the time, when Tallinn was Hansa city. Restaurant interior, hospitality meal take visitors on a journey to Tallinn's golden age.  Olde Hansa is the home of a rich merchant. His house is built in a manner to increase the enjoyment of the happy moments in the life of a Hanseatic merchant. Not just for eating delicious food and savoring good drink, but also for the enjoyment of good music and the warmth of hearth and home during the Hanseatic times. Restaurant has few halls and summer terrace. Authentic dishes prepared according to Medieval standards in an ambiance befitting a wealthy merchant house of the bygone era. Menu features a variety of fish, meats, poultry, and vegetable dishes. 
Address: Vana Turg 1, Tallinn, Estonia
Medieval Restaurant Peppersack is located in the heart of Tallinn`s Old Town, hidden under the Gothic arches. 400 places divided between four floors. Many well known people have lived here throughout its history. For example Johan Adam von Krusenstern, known Russian admiral and also the first sailor that sailed around the world under the Russian flag, has lived here. The restaurant received its name from master Hans Peppersack who lived here around the 1520s. The restaurant serves traditional Estonian and European cuisine. 
Address: Viru 2 / Vana turg 6, Tallinn, Estonia
Kuldse Notsu Korts
Estonian cuisine restaurant located in Tallinn Old Town. A large variety of true Estonian food. Using recipes that have been passed down from grandmothers and grandmothers’ grandmothers, this authentic restaurant is popular with locals as well as tourists. All meals are prepared with fresh products from local farms, accompanied by a variety of Estonian drinks. The decor is a pleasantly incongruous mix of old and new. Chandeliers fashioned from wagon wheels and old farming implements hanging from blue and pink pastel colored walls. In the summer restaurant opens terrace. 
Address: Rataskaevu 7, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
Garlic restaurant Balthasar
Balthasar - the first Estonian garlic restaurant was opened in 1999, in a medieval building of the Town-Hall Apothecary and is situated in the very heart of Tallinn`s Old Town - the Town -Hall Square. A magnificent view opens from the restaurant`s windows on the Town-Hall Square. Visitors can find dishes flavored with garlic, starting from appetizers to desserts. 
Address: Raekoja plats 11, Tallinn, Estonia