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MICE / Ideas for activities

Meet in Vilnius
1 day
Arrival to Vilnius
Meeting at the airport. Introduction of the city on the way to the hotel. Check inn.  
Dinner at traditional Lithuanian tavern (Lithuanian cuisine) accompanying by live folk music. Read more
Meet in Riga
1 day
Arrival to Riga
Meeting at the airport. Introduction of the city on the way to the hotel. Check inn.  
Dinner at traditional restaurant (Latvian cuisine).  Read more
Meet in Tallinn
1 day
Arrival to Tallinn
Meeting at the airport. Introduction of the city on the way to the hotel. Check inn.  
Dinner in medieval style at restaurant Olde Hansa.   Read more
Medieval feast at Trakai Castle
Long time ago people had great feasts with big eating, drinking and entertained as much as they could…
The best place to echo it’s in nowadays - Trakai insular castle.
  • Early music and dances
  • Medieval games: rolling of wooden barrels, playing medieval bowling, etc.
  • Meals: rich medieval style buffet and beverages   
  • Entertainment: joker, fire show, knights fight, etc.
  • Unique possibility to rent the castle to your own disposal  
Chocolate factory 
Come and feel like a chocoholic! Discover how chocolates are produced, try your hand at production and enjoy.  
Learn to make fresh vanilla truffles, fudge, hazelnut praline and nut brittle. 
Decorate your own handmade chocolates to perfection. 
Rope Climbing
This is a natural adrenalin-stimulating activity up among the trees which will give you a boost of energy and self-confidence. Anyone who has experienced the rapid descent on the Spiderman ropes cannot remain indifferent to this form of fun. 
Bobsleigh in Sigulda
Sigulda's bobsleigh track is 1420 m long, has 16 curves and maximum speed of 130 km/h. 
During summer season maximum speed is around 80km/h.
Skilled and qualified pilot will be your team mate, he will explain how to use bobsleigh and will give you advice for the best performance
Riga Black Balsam tasting 
Riga Black Balsam is a traditional Latvian herbal liqueur. It is made with many different natural ingredients mixed in pure vodka, giving a 45% drink. Over time, experts from many countries have highly regarded the quality of Riga Black Balsam, and have given it more than 30 awards at international fairs.
Riga Cruises
Steamship traffic was the oldest type of regular traffic in Riga. Since 1884, ships have cruised along the Daugava River, carrying passengers and entertaining guests.
Today, modern river boats cruise along the river instead of the old steamships, but the ancient sailors’ virtue is inherited from generation to generation. 
Cruises operate sightseeing with catering on the board including evening dinner & dances on Daugava River and Riga Canals. 
Medieval Feast
Estonian capital, Tallinn, is probably the world's best preserved medieval city. That is way you should spend at least one of your evenings having finest Medieval feast in the world's most medieval city!
The majority of the ingredients used in the cooking are those that were only available during medieval times in Estonia. And not only is the food tasty, conjured up with unique recipes and dishes, but the atmosphere is wonderfully cozy.
Folk evening
Get a glimpse of the Estonian soul during the Estonian National Evening. The program consists of plenty of festive Estonian food and drinks. The food is truly fresh and local. The highlight of the evening is a folklore show with dancers and musicians. The band will also introduce their instruments and national clothes. 
Estonian applied art design and handicraft beaming with the warm touches of the artisans. Here you can:
  • buy and custom order the work of local acknowledged artisans and craftsmen
  • see for yourself how their creation is made
  • participate in workshops 
  • order your own parties, seminars or training courses and to combine these with workshops and genuine Estonian food 
  • enjoy exhibitions, concerts, poetry and dance nights
  • acquire professional know-how from artisans and craftsmen
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